SUN IN MY CARScreen shot 2014-02-22 at 11.17.46 PM

There aint no way out,
Look to discover, to find what its about,
All of the time, youre thinking that its ok,
you look to your love to find out your mother is ……. straight.

Look out now, you’re thinking whats the use,
with 10,000 others looking just like you.
Nothing bad, being all the same.
look to yourself if you want someone to blame.

I dont mind, I dont mind who you are.
and I dont care for a start…
and I know and I know just where you are.
I’m gonna set off for the sun in my car.

yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhhhh
wasting time, thinking youre living with fools.
You’ve heard the voice screaming out the truth.
anytime youre thinking whats the use……
Just remember, Seedy Jeezus luvs you…. we luve you…we luvvvv youuuu