Title : Shakin The Fuse
Release Date : November 28, 2014
Catalog ref. : BM9
Format : Vinyl


Title :Shakin’ The Fuse   ( BM9)
Release Date : Nov 2014 – (via Blown Music in Australia)
Format : 7″ Red Vinyl  ( Ltd Edition 130 available)


Side One – Shakin The Fuse
Side Two – Creedence – Head Like A Hole ( NZ)


Use this to order the 7″. when its in stock you will be able to pick it up at a gig, unless you live near a band member, and can drop it on ya.


This is our second vinyl release, and we are sooo proud to be able to say its with HLAH. Lex has been a long time fan going right back to when they first started.
get in quick, cause this will move faster than the hips of Tura Satana on a podium.!!


the song is also dedicated to Tura Satana – one of the greatest women to get on the silver screen.  xx