On Dec 9, 2015 Seedy Jeezus went into 106.7 PBS and set up in studio 5 to play a live to Air radio broadcast. The band played a mix of old and new tracks.

Black Sally was written by Dennis Wilson ( not the Beach Boy) in 1970 and it was originally played by Australian band Mecca which also had on bass Bob Daisley ( yes that one).

1970 – New Zealand band Human Instinct covered the track on their ‘Stoned Guitar’ album, which featured Billy T K ( LEGEND !!! ) on guitar playing some very dirty filthy blistering psych fuzz wah.

2014 – Seedy Jeezus are touring up n down the east coast of Australia. Whenever Lex is given the chance to be dictator of Van Vibes by controlling the music he plays Human Instinct. Paul gets irritated and Lex plays them again. Next thing Seedy Jeezus are touring Europe and playing this very cool bar in Jena called Kulturbahnhof. The DJ cranks Human Instincts version of Black Sally before the band take to the stage. 🙂

So when the band are preparing to do the Live broadcast Paul suggested that maybe someone find a cover of something we could jam on. Someone then suggested Black Sally. The band ran through it a couple of times and well… here it is Live from Studio 5. Black Sally.

Drums – Mark Sibson
Bass – Paul Crick
Guitar/ Vox – Lex Waterreus

Written By – Dennis Wilson
Recorded By Myles Mumford
Cam Footage by Barry Douglas
Edited and Mastered by Frumps.

Performed Live to Air on Chris Pearsons ‘Pojama People’ – Wed Dec 9, 2015.