Polaris Oblique CD




Seedy Jeezus – Polaris Oblique
Release Date : June 2018
Format : CD

Track 1. into : Polaris Oblique

Track 2. Everything Will Be Alright

Track 3. 3 Million Light years

Track 4. My Gods Are Stone

Track  5. Oh Lord (Pt 1)

Track 6: Oh Lord (Pt 2)

Track 7: Dripping From The Eye of the Sun

Track 8 : Treading Water

Track 9 : Barefoot Travellin Man

Engineered – Tony Reed and David Warner
, Mixed and Mastered by Tony Reed ( Mos Generator), Heavy Head Studios, Port Orchard, USA
Recorded at Studio One B, Melbourne, Australia.

The second full length studio album from Seedy Jeezus, is finally here..
With guest appearances from Isaiah Mitchell ( Earthless) and Tony Reed ( Mos Generator.).

Look on the video page to check out some of the tracks.